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Microsoft Windows Bible Free Download Application. Provides various bible subjects, scripture reference and bible trivia. Also contains a dictionary and a picture search facility. ************************************************************* PC/Mac Bible Version 2.0 ************************************************************* PC Bible is a software that can be used to refer to the Bible (KJV) when ever you want. You can have up to 16 translations of the Bible which include The New International Version, English Standard Version, Holman Christian Standard Bible, Good News Bible, The Message, and many more, Also, you can use more than one translator simultaneously, by loading one after the other. You can have calendars for each bible translation showing both the bible passages and the time The history of the bible translations, the bible translations in different languages, Also, you can check the Bible translations for syntax, misspellings, etc. You can search in the bible texts, and you can look for different words or phrases in them You can also check any bible verses, from the bible reader window The application runs on very low CPU and RAM usage, so it does not put a strain on computer performance. Unfortunately, it cannot be minimized to the taskbar or system tray area, so the tool becomes intrusive when not using it. ************************************************************ PC Bible Versions 2.0.1 ************************************************************ EasyBible Search is a Windows Search Utility which is used to find the specific text in the Bible. Click the "Search" from the top-right corner or press the key F3 to open the easyBible search window. Using the search tool, you can quickly find what you need and copy it into notepad or email it. ************************************************************ TALE OF TWO BIBLE LEXICONS ************************************************************ Have you ever wondered how the KJV Bible and the NKJV Bible are different from each other. ***************************************************** DAY NUMBERS: KEY VERSE NUMBERING ***************************************************** This Windows Application is a simple Bible Key Verse Numbering Tool, that can be used in Bible study or exams to enhance Bible study. The software has a simple interface, no need of previous software experience. It is possible to move the text or to open the Bible itself. It has no options like change font style, keyboard layout, etc. This software basically contains an accurate list of key verse numbers and info on the corresponding a5204a7ec7

Brothersoft Editor: Bible is a Bible study application. The Bible, which is thought to be the longest English-language book (about five million words) and the most important one, is a fundamental part of all religions. Brothersoft Editor is a real-time Bible to help you explore the Bible and understand it better.Brothersoft Editor is free and you can download it for free on Windows. Read Online Bible, Browse the Bible Online, search Bibles and Bible Verses, play Bible Trivia, Communal Readings, Christ and Bible Stories and much more; Brothersoft Editor contains the Bible, the Holy Bible, the King James Bible and Church Bibles; A very small program, but that does a lot of things. It comes in handy for people who want to have an offline, no-fuss version of the Bible with a text search and other options. The application can be used on up to six devices simultaneously, including tablets and smartphones, so you can read the Bible on them in the comforts of your own home. It can connect to any of the accounts, including BibleGateway and ChristianBible. Brothersoft Editor is a simple tool that allows you to explore the Bible and its contents. The software provides several options, such as search, open any book, read through the verses, look for a verse, read the full text of the selected book, read a passage of the Bible, read a chapter, and other common Bible-related tasks. Brothersoft Editor comes with a small version of the Bible, including numerous New Testament and Old Testament verses. An option to share the database with others is also available. The application uses a slow rate of CPU and RAM but can be run for a long time before needing to be closed. Its interface is a bit outdated, though. We feel this program is a worthy addition to your library because its many facilities are not available in many other Bible software programs. Brothersoft Editor Description: Brothersoft Editor: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In The Bible is a surprisingly useful tool that has a lot of things you didn't know you could do in the Bible. It allows you to read any verse in the Bible, download Bible verses, listen to a book and verse of the Bible, pray, read a story or Bible commentary, and many more. Brothersoft Editor is a simple program that helps you explore the Bible. You can read a whole book or even play through it, record a chapter

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